Sunday, February 5, 2012

Vintage Party Dresses

Bonjour, I have a passion for vintage dresses! They are so beautiful and make a woman feel so feminine,show their curves, don't they? If i had to wear a dress to work everday, i would love to wear pretty dresses. But these days,, its dress casual. That is why i sooooooo love the MAD MEN series!!! The whole scene- clothes-hair, remind me of my mom and her wardrobe. I loved to look at her clothes of the 50's + 60's, and dream of wearing them myself! You have to have guts to carry off the Retro vintage look, and more power to those gals that do- you wear it well!!
I would LOVE to wear these daily!!" Oh honey- how was your day? Can i get you anything?"" (ha-ha....yea right, but it does make you feel all feminine!
Pearls, heels and of course the right Hair-do.....and you're a Vintage Beauty!!
Alot of time was spent on the hair-do!! Of course this was when women had more time. There are many Pin-up hair-do sites for ideas to do your fav retro style.
Doesn't it make you want to pull out some dresses?? What fun!! Online there are alot of Vintage/Retro dress sites. Pin-up + Rockabilly style is all the rage. Just fab!!
Enjoy being a woman and all your beauty!! Chow Bella!!

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Courtney Mroch said...

I found a lady near me who specializes in retro/pin up photo sessions!!!! She does the hair, makeup, has outfits...I want to do one SO bad! I love the images you put together here! That pink & black dress? WANT!!!!!!!!