Saturday, March 10, 2012

Craft Show

Bonjour my lovelies, How is everyone doing? The springtime is slowly approaching here. We are expected to be in the 60's all week! Its nice to see the sun come up earlier too. You see im an early bird, i get up at 4:30am for work , and my body alarm clock does the same on the weekends. Does anyone else have the same problem? But its nice + quiet in the morn, good for reflection, coffee, a conversation w/ my pup-Daisy :) + a quick peek on the internet blogs, or Pinterest -my fav!
I was in a Craft Show last weekend. Now i have not been in a craft show in many years. My sis was having a fundraiser at her school and signed me up. Mind you im always creating/crafting for the home, friends, and family, but this was to sell. I will attach some pic's of my booth. I made some wreaths out of deco-mesh, some "foo-foo" wreaths out of tulle, i painted/decoupaged some pots, some ruffle scarves, and decorated some vases w/ glitter/snow-tex . Also i embellished some tote bags- "glammed" them up a bit w/ some ruffles, ribbons and a nice fluffy pin!
Some sweet gals came by + bought, and i received many, many compliments on my booth, my creations, etc. I really enjoyed meeting new creative crafters and visitors to my booth. I really got into it, tried to make my booth like a "frenchy-glam" boutique. I also bought some white bags w/ handles + painted a design on them including my (business-calling) card. This is a PASSION.....i would LOVE to do full-time!! I would love to own a lil boutique, full of beautiful things for family, your home or the holidays. Does anyone else dream like I do of their passion????? Well, i will always keep creating and embellishing the home or for family + friends! Dont let anyone ever discourage your creativity! :) Here are some of my pic's- (please excuse if a lil blurry- they were taken w/ my cellphone) Have a great day dolls-smile pretty!

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