Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Roast

Good Morning,,,flippin freezing here in Chi town. It feels like a Fall day, rainy, cold. So of course an adventure to the grocery store because doesnt this kind of weather make us hungry? Picked up a roast, potatoes and making box brownies, but might treat the Hub's and girls to homemade frosting. Garlic always taste good w/ a roast, i make slits in the roast and insert some peeled garlic cloves, yum....when its baking, it smells heavenly!!
Cooking at a slow oven, 350degrees, for a few hours, make a lil gravy(yes, i do cheat w/ packet gravy to stretch), mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls. Does this meal remind you of your mother's cooking on a Sunday? We always had a big meal. Not much on tv, we usually did homework, played, didnt play video games, or text, but if the phone rang..everyone ran to it! And all my sis knew who was calling because you yelled it real loud! Ahh, simple times, good food, Sunday a time to relax, enjoy your family!

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