Monday, May 23, 2011

Decorating Beauty

Well lately ive been dreaming of bedrooms...beautiful decor, romantic. I have some pictures ive saved with some awesome decor i want to share. Ive been thinking of changing our bedroom color scheme, so my mind has been racing. I love the French Country, the Gypsy Style, my poor husband. I do consider him tho, (have left the pink + black theme to my daughters rooms). Even tho i believe the "hubs" would kinda like feeling like he stepped into Victoria Secret! (pink and black are one of my fav color combos) Right now, my color scheme is muted beige, black, gold- very comfy sorta Tuscan. But i start to get the "itch" to change it up a bit, and creating, painting, decorating are good for the soul, right? Going to Home Goods for my "decorating fix", i get many inspirations and some great deals! Dont you just love that store? And for the holidays, ahhh....they have great decorating decor. Why pay full price when you can enjoy sales all the time? Here are some pic's-
Obviously, all the drapery is a lil "much"..but your bedroom should be your luxury, your time away from the world, safe, comfy, reflecting your idea of beauty. The "hubs" may think a lil' much, especially w/ all the pillows, but im on a roll and see new paint and bedding in my future! Wish me luck....

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