Saturday, May 7, 2011

Favorite Mom movies

Hi With Mother's Day coming up, it brings me thinking of some touching, funny movies w/ some of our favorite "mom" roles. Do you have any fav's? Some of my favorites are: Steel Magnolia' Sally Field in that role, always brings tears and laughter! You can really feel her joys, fears and pain for her daughter, played by a young Julia Roberts. The roles of Dolly Parton, Shirley Maclain and Olympia Dukakis join this group of southern female friendship- all play off each other so great! The location in the South for the background of the movie is beautiful too..makes you want to live in one of those huge southern mansions.
I also love : Terms of Endearment, the Shirley Maclain role, she is a darn funny,mother to a young Debra Winger but also again you can relate to her fears, joys, love and pain for her daughter. Jack Nicholson is also in that movie, a real great role-classic, and the character play between Jack and Shirley is awesome to watch!
A few years back, i watched The Joy Luck Club...since it is in subtitles, i was caught a bit of guard but, i really got into that follows generations of women and their culture, growing up, marriage, children, and the relationships betwen mother and daughter. It is a bit long, i believe almost 3 hours, but worth the watch. It is narrated along the movie and you really get involved w/ all these women and their touching stories.
Do you have any mother/ daughter movies that you love too?

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