Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Okay....i love sweets!!! i'll admit i have a sweet tooth. Anybody with me? My 3 girls enjoy sweets also,
but "the hubs", doesnt have a sweet tooth. He is an enabler tho..."hon, you want a coffee?" "Sure!" Comes home w/ Dunkin Donuts french vanilla and a donut or munchkins!!! (Yes!! ) Does he have any?? NOOO...
When a Krispy Kreme was nearby (it closed boo-hoo),on a cold, winter night, he would say to the girls, "you want some donuts?" (YEA! ) Off he'd go to get a dozen fresh, warm glazed donuts that would melt in your mouth. Yummm...... would he eat any? Noooo...But,I'm very thankful for his thoughtfulness + awareness of my love of sweets + hips. Ahhh...the joys!!

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