Friday, April 22, 2011

The beloved Golden Retriever

Hello, my name is DaisyMay, my owners at Jamlinelles Joys wanted me to give a shout -out,"woof-woof"! I just came in from the dark, muddy, rainy backyard, hmmm lotsa worms. My neighborhood animal friends and i are very unhappy...we sure are missing the sunshine. All the birds are hiding, alongwith the squirrels,so they are not teasing me today! I do sit very patient at the door tho to get my wet, muddy paws wiped...i sometimes give the "sad eyes" too, which gets me an extra treat! (hee-hee) Soon the Easter Bunny will be coming, i wonder if im going to get a basket or a new bone? I always know where the eggs and baskets are hidden....but shhhhh..i don't tell. Well, nice meeting you, you might see some more of me as i kinda like to take pictures! Does my shiny coat look pretty?

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